Item Description

The Korean melon, golden on the outside, has white crispy flesh that is sweet and aromatic. The Hwangum Ssaragi brand by JH Farm is the most famous and widely distributed of the Korean melon brands in the U.S. and boasts superb quality and taste achieved by decades of research on growth techniques.  It is MG’s core product and has become synonymous with MG’s name.

Hwangum Ssaragi melons are widely enjoyed by Korean-Americans and becoming increasingly more popular with other members of the Asian-American community. They are grown on farms in San Diego, Bakersfield and Fresno, and cultivated year round, allowing our customers to enjoy them all year long.

JH Farm’s Hwangum Ssaragi melons are distributed exclusively by MG Produce and the yearly distribution amount equals approximately 600,000 boxes, about 3,000 tons in weight.